BAGA - Badgerland AirGun Association
AZ Monster Match

october 7 , 2006

Another great AZ Monster match is history. It was 120 shots and the difficulty factor was really up there, 50+ if my memory serves me right. Alan said that it was the most difficult FT match he's heard of. He even told us he was going to put barf buckets on each lane :-). That being said, it was an awesome match! All had great fun and we are looking forward to another one next year. Bring it on, AZ!!!

Reported by Vlad Berchanskiy- BAGA

Here are the results:

Pos Name Total/120X
1 Alan Zasadny 113 Rapid ZM FT SPC'L BSA 10x50
2 Greg Sauve 103 ZM Steyr LG-100 BSA 10x50
3 Kurt Duch 97 Anschutz 2002ZM BSA 10x50
4 Vlad Berchanskiy 95 Anschutz 2002ZM BSA 10x50
5 Ron Weber 93 ZM Steyr LG-100 BSA 10x50
6 Don Carhuff 79 Anschutz 2002ZM Nightforce 36x
6 Bill Kushner 79 ZM Steyr LG-100 Nikko 10x50
6 Brandon Carroll 79 ZM Steyr LG-100 BSA 10x50
7 Alex Modic 54 NJR-100 BSA 10x50