18th Annual Indoor IFP League 

The league will go for 5 months (Dec-Apr). This will include 5 matches to be shot on the Third Saturday of each month. Each match will consist of firing 2 standard 25-shot IFP targets. This will total 10 scoring targets by season end. To qualify for season end league recognition, a shooter must be present at 2 of the 5 regularly scheduled match dates (2nd Sat of the month). The remaining three matches may be fired as make-up or pre-shot matches fired on anther regular match day or on a regular open shoot day or by appointment with another shooter and/or as  approved by the IFP Director. All  shooters should strive to shoot the match with a minimum of two competitors to help instill the spirit and true feeling of shooting in competitive matches (the IFP Director may allow single shooting matches to allow for scheduling difficulties). A head-to-head format provides for a better competitive atmosphere. This should allow shooters with conflicts and long travel schedules to be able to compete in the league. The cost of the league is $35 due up front (plus $15 for each additional class), plus the standard daily shooting fees for CCKC at the time of your shoot. Official BAGA indoor IFP targets will be provided and scores posted and tracked on this website. Please e-mail us if you have any questions (Bill Kushner). Remember, IFP has many classifications and additional classification may be formed when at least three similar shooting venues complete the league requirements. This means that just about any .177 cal airgun can be used. Click to go view this years Cumulative Scoreboard.

2019-2020 BAGA Indoor IFP League
N0. Class Name Gun - Make / Model Scope - Make / Power Pellet/Velocity Position
??? OPEN  Vlad Berchanskiy Anschutz ZM-2002 BSA 10-50x60   Sit
??? OPEN  Ron Weber Steyr LG-100ZM BSA 10-50x60   Sit
??? OPEN  Jessica Wenzel       Sit
??? OPEN  Alex Modic Steyr LG-100ZM BSA 10-50x50   Sit
??? OPEN Greg Sauve  Steyr LG-100ZM BSA 10-50x60   Sit
??? OPEN Brandon Carroll? Steyr LG-100ZM March 8-80x60   Sit
??? OPEN Harold Schmidt RAW TM1000 Sightron SII   Sit
??? OPEN  Mark Berchanskiy Steyr LG-100ZM BSA 10-50x50   Sit
??? OPEN         Sit
??? BENCH Jim Guidici Steyr LG-110 FT BSA 10-50x60   Bench
??? BENCH Phil Eakley RAW TM-1000 Optisan 8-32x60   Bench
??? BENCH Bill Zinaveah Hammerli AR20 6FP Hawk 6-24x56   Bench
??? BENCH Harold Schmidt RAW TM-1000 Sightron SII   Bench
??? BENCH Dave Humphrey RAW TM-1000 ??    
??? BENCH Brian Vandenboom Steyr LG-110 FT  Sightron SII    
??? HUNTER Phil Eakley RAW TM-1000 Optisan 8-32x60   Bucket/Sticks
??? HUNTER Bill Zinaveah ? ?   Bucket/Sticks
  HUNTER Keith Schmidt ??FTP 900?? ??   Bucket/Sticks
??? HUNTER Fred Joachim Diana 34 - Springer ?   Bucket/Sticks
??? PISTON  Brandon Carroll Beeman R1 Simmons 6-18x40   Sit
??? PISTON  Don Carkhuff TX-200 Burris 8-32   Sit
??? PISTON  Bill Kushner TX-200 Mk III Simmons 6.5-20x44   Sit