Monthly FT Match 6/14/03

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Big Al's third ever picture!! Bill H. on bended knee...please let it fall! Bill S.- " Hurry up, I gotta get back to the resturant" Father giving lessons to daugther - "Happy Fathers Day"
Big Boy Blue ----  the target down!! This is easier then reading, writing and arithmetic That darn loading gate....where's Dave and AZ?? Virginia is for Lovers..who cares! Iowa is for Airgunners!!
If I bring home another strap, Patty is going to ....:-) Hey Dad, this gun was made backwards.... I mean it, it really is backwards!! Iowa IS for THE best Airgunners...
Why didn't someone give me a strap earlier...I am over fifty now Where's that new Scoreboard...the numbers on this one are old If I stand perfectly still..and then squeeze...darn it...missed Welcome to BAGA...See you soon!!
I bet I can get a little someone move the leaves. I love this log chair, but it's a pain to move from lane to lane My chair is easier to move than that big log...guys from Iowa?? Who's gonna move the leaves, I need some sun, too!
Pretty little BB gun with a nice G. Cane stock!! Wake me up when it's my turn!! Who the heck ever heard of two off hands in one lane??? It's nice of Dillon to drag this log chair for us...
  Your going down next time!!! The Scorer's start the timer!!