BAGA Family Day 7/27/03

If you missed the First Annual BAGA Family Day, then you really missed a great fun event. This was intended as a get together of our families to meet each other and to share our hobby with them. It was a time for the kids to shoot and have some great times. The spouse prepared good dishes to pass and we all enjoyed a nice cookout. The kids even competed and all won some nice little prizes. Make sure you don't miss next year's or you'll miss out on some great FUN!! After you look at the photos, use the Back button on top to get back to this page.

Grampa Bill and CJ Tabletop shooting Scope acquisitioning Spectators to the GREAT Event Jake and the GREAT gun
Picnic discussions Still discussin' stuff Did YOU see that shot!! More tabletop shooting Saturday new shooters
And still more tabletop shooting Margaret and the off hand hold Mel & Micah What's in the bag??? Mom's can have fun too..more Saturday newbies
keeping an eye out for the shooters more tabletop action Hey it's favorite color Jimmy from California...nice day to learn to shoot airguns  
  And the WINNERS are...... Great Target We stand behind our target for every shot we took...