Report for
June 2, 2001

It's Saturday and as usual, we're open at BAGA, even if the weather is not very airgun friendly. With rain and temps in the 40's, you'd hardly think this is June 2, but 5 dedicated shooters showed up to shoot. After some plinking and a lot of "manly bull", we settled into shooting a couple of IFP Matches. In between we were able to hide in our newly completely sided "shed", so that the cold wind and wet rain did not totally permeate us. Well some of us with less bodily insulation did leave a little early, but it was still a good day. Like the sayin' goes, "A bad day of shootin' is still better than a good day of doin' something else". See you next time, no matter what the weather brings.

Reported by Alex Modic - BAGA

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