IFP Match 6/21/03

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This bench stuff is really great! These goggles are really making me shoot great!! Ok everyone, let's get ready to Rumble!! Now if I turn this here knob another 40 clicks...BINGO!!
Now all I need is a big wagon to carry this stuff in!! I better not teach her everything, she's almost better than me already!! Quick, drink your soda, I need more targets!! Vlad, come on! Just one more hint, I promise I won't compete!!
Hi-Ho Silver, it's The Long Range - Air Who's all camping for the Badgerlands?? Beers and Bonfires!! Who's supposed to be cooking?? You two guys are gonna cook.....again???
Bill Howarth's IFP Bench Target - Could be World Record I can burn them as good as those two other guys!! Really !?!..there's a fire under there...