BAGA - Badgerland AirGun Association
IFP Match
June 21, 2003

What a GREAT DAY for shooting airguns, being with family and freinds and enjoying a little picnic fare. Today we had more than ten BAGA members come togehter to share a little fun and a little competion. We shot several IFP matches in beautiful weather, but certainly not conducive to mathc guns...well I think match guns were not conducive to the shooters today. We will give them another try on another day, when the guns are not being so fussy. Now the bench shooters were also a bit weary, but a great score was put on paper by Bill Howarth. So now Wisconsin will have new official State records for IFP Match and IFP Bench. Vlad and wife Dina, along with son Daniel, spent the entire day enjoying a good family time as well as lots of good food, drink and airgunning. Dennis and his son Danny also came to enjoy part of the day and thanks to them for helping set up and cook the grub..sorry about your table melting under the grill...Ooops, next time we cook on the ground. Thanks also to Ron for turning the sausages before they became too crispy. Thanks again to all for making it a great summer day!!

Reported by Alex Modic - BAGA

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